Sales Mindset


So Sales Mindset

Some days you are up, some days you just can't find your mojo.

Sales is exhausting

If you are not exhausted from a day of sales then you are not doing your job

You are not giving it your all.
Find your song, find your power move, whatever it is, find it and own it and show up for every prospect that is lucky enough to get you on the phone

Sales Flow

How to Execute a sales conversation

Stand up and walk around

Keep invigorated

Celebrate your wins

This video is all about Finding your Sales Mojo
Sales, if done right, should be fine, so start with the end in mind.

Find your song
Play it when you get a big sale
Play it when you are having a tough day to pep you up

Liv’s Pump Up Song:
Trav’s Pump Up song:
Mani’s Song : Killer Queen: Queen
One of Liv’s Fave videos

The Art of Active Listening

Summarise the clients comments back to them

Use the client's language both verbal and body language and reflect it back to them

The Stories You Tell Yourself

Steps To Successfully Complete Module

Download the Diary
Watch the video

Post in the group for feedback any questions regarding the tracker and diary

This modules is something you can consistently return to and Sales is a mercurial game, and you will always have highs and lows. The trick is to manage them


Find your Mojo

  • The song
  • The YouTube Video

What is going to be your song? Post in the group

Post your Tracker and Diary in the group - you will need to do this every week